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This article describes the history of the theory of equations, called here “algebra”, from the origins to the emergence of algebra as a separate area of mathematics. 2 is “The thing plus one equals two” or possibly “The thing plus 1 equals 2”. For instance, there may be a restriction that subtraction may be used only once within one side of an equation, which is not the case with symbolic algebra. Equally important as the use or lack of symbolism in algebra was the degree of the equations that were addressed. In addition to the three stages of expressing algebraic ideas, some authors recognized four conceptual stages in the development of algebra that occurred alongside the changes in expression. Egyptians were mainly concerned with linear equations the Babylonians were more concerned with quadratic and cubic equations.

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The Babylonians had developed flexible algebraic operations with which they were able to add equals to equals and multiply both sides of an equation by like quantities so as to eliminate fractions and factors. Ancient Egyptian algebra dealt mainly with linear equations while the Babylonians found these equations too elementary and developed mathematics to a higher level than the Egyptians. The Rhind Papyrus, also known as the Ahmes Papyrus, is an ancient Egyptian papyrus written c. 1650 BCE by Ahmes, who transcribed it from an earlier work that he dated to between 2000 and 1800 BCE. It is the most extensive ancient Egyptian mathematical document known to historians. In some of the problems the author “checks” his solution, thereby writing one of the earliest known simple proofs. Greek mathematics had undergone a drastic change.

The ancient Greeks would solve this equation by looking at it as an equality of areas rather than as an equality between the ratios a:b and c:x. The Greeks would construct a rectangle with sides of length b and c, then extend a side of the rectangle to length a, and finally they would complete the extended rectangle so as to find the side of the rectangle that is the solution. Iamblichus goes on to describe how some systems of linear equations that are not in this form can be placed into this form. Although he is one of the most famous mathematicians in history there are no new discoveries attributed to him, rather he is remembered for his great explanatory skills. Greek mathematical knowledge to its date, rather, it is an elementary introduction to it. Euclid’s time were extremely significant for doing geometric algebra.

These propositions and their results are the geometric equivalents of our modern symbolic algebra and trigonometry. While in Euclid’s time magnitudes were viewed as line segments and then results were deduced using the axioms or theorems of geometry. If there be two straight lines, and one of them be cut into any number of segments whatever, the rectangle contained by the two straight lines is equal to the rectangles contained by the uncut straight line and each of the segments. Many basic equations were also proved geometrically. Furthermore, there are also geometric solutions given to many equations. The book contains some fifteen definitions and ninety-five statements, of which there are about two dozen statements that serve as algebraic rules or formulas. Some of these statements are geometric equivalents to solutions of quadratic equations.

He apparently derived these properties of conic sections and others as well. Conic sections would be studied and used for thousands of years by Greek, and later Islamic and European, mathematicians. 250 BCE, is one of the most influential of all Chinese math books and it is composed of some 246 problems. Chapter eight deals with solving determinate and indeterminate simultaneous linear equations using positive and negative numbers, with one problem dealing with solving four equations in five unknowns. Horner’s method, to solve equations of degree as high as six, although he did not describe his method of solving equations. The earliest known magic squares appeared in China.

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