Bad case of stripes pdf

A Bad Case of Stripes. One day she wakes up to discover thick, solid-colored stripes on her body. Bumble determines that Camilla is well bad case of stripes pdf to attend school.

At school the other children tease her and call out colors and patterns which cause the colors on her skin to transform accordingly. At home, Camilla goes through a number of increasingly preposterous transformations – turning into a pill after being given some by the specialist doctors, having viruses, bacteria and fungus colonies grow on her body after the community’s expert scientists discuss these as a possible cause while examining her, growing roots, berries, crystals, feathers, and a long furry tail after receiving all kinds of cures from all kinds of environmental workers, and transforming into her room after a spiritual counselor says a prayer for her. Finally, an old lady persuades her to eat some lima beans. Camilla is afraid to admit her willingness to eat them at first, but after realizing that this could be her only hope to being cured, she allows the old woman to feed her them. Camilla continues to eat lima beans, and, although her friends consider her strange for liking them, enjoys being different.

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Shannon’s story is a good poke in the eye of conformity–imaginative, vibrant, and at times good and spooky–and his emphatic, vivid artwork keeps perfect pace with the tale. Another review said “This imaginative storyline expresses interesting aspects of peer pressure and self-esteem. Shannon’s colored illustrations are vibrant and animated, and they show a particular talent for vividly portraying facial expressions. Teachers’ Top 100 Books for Children. It also received the 1999 Montana Treasure State Picture Book Award. University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children. Farnsworth Juvenile Literature Library, Harold B.

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