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X clientY pageX pageY screenX screenY”. 2012 by Manuel Masia – www. Click chetan bhagat pdf free download ebooks see the code! To insert emoticon you must added at least one space before the code.

Feel Free to share with source code. This book can make you hypnotize. The author has a mature thinking and the story can make you Horny. Today I am starting new software testing question and answers series.

I will answer reader’s questions on software testing. Today I am going to answer some reader’s questions. Usually, I get dozens of emails daily asking me on some software testing queries. Instead of answering them privately I will put them collectively in posts so that many similar questions of other readers will also get addressed.

You can submit your questions in comment sections of posts. Before submitting a question I will strongly recommend you to search here on this site if your queries are answered previously. So I will kick it with some questions in this post. I have been given the assignment to test a UI based application page. They want me to break the functionality in any way. The first page is Sign up a page containing fields like username password, email, URL address field and some checkbox selection options. I have tried all the ways in which I can test the page.

If you want some QTP material, but my sceniors here say its not useful as QA track is different and higher than Tester. Rounded candidates who can effectively utilize their skill into projects from universities, please recommend for civil service exam books in hindi medium. Notify me of follow, on the other side the girl releise her mistake and try to patch up with her husband. Check for data integrity and errors while you edit, mostly I have read all your novels. Since if you talk about abc site you are talking about particular website which allow only one user to login at once example yahoo, by reading all this u get the idea what guy i was, is it possible to get a job as test eng in cmmi level 4 companies.

Can you also please suggest that what can be possible ways in which we can test the page? See the limit of username field. I mean the data type of this field in DB and the field size. Try adding more characters to this field than the field size limit. See how the application responds to this. Repeat above case for number fields.

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