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CRM functions with the use of the net environment i. CRM is enterprises using IT to integrate internal organization resources and external “marketing” strategies to understand and fulfill their customers needs. CRM intraorganizational collaboration can be more efficient to communicate electronic customer relationship management pdf customers. In the years that followed, companies were engaging more and more in a meaningful dialogue with individual customers.

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In doing so, new organizational forms as well as technologies were used, eventually resulting in what we know as customer relationship management. The exact meaning of CRM is still subject of heavy discussions. However, the overall goal can be seen as effectively managing differentiated relationships with all customers and communicating with them on an individual basis. Loyal customers can not only give operational companies sustained revenue but also advertise for new marketers.

Because of the needs and behaviors are different between B2B and B2C, the implementation of CRM should come from respective viewpoints. Contact with customer made through the retail store, phone, and fax. All of the traditional methods are used in addition to Internet, email, wireless, and PDA technologies. Geared more toward front end, which interacts with the back-end through use of ERP systems, data warehouses, and data marts. The client must download various applications to view the web-enabled applications. They would have to be rewritten for different platform.

Does not have these requirements because the client uses the browser. Views differ based on the audience, and personalized views are not available. Individual personalization requires program changes. Personalized individual views based on purchase history and preferences.

Individual has ability to customize view. Web applications designed for a single department or business unit. Web application designed for enterprise-wide use. Reduction in time and cost. ECRM is being adopted by companies because it increases customer loyalty and customer retention by improving customer satisfaction, one of the objectives of eCRM. E-loyalty results in long-term profits for online retailers because they incur less costs of recruiting new customers, plus they have an increase in customer retention.

Internet can be seen as the foundation of what we know as eCRM today. Data aggregation: Filter and analysis for firm’s specific needs to fulfill their customers. Customer interaction: According to customer’s need, company provide the proper feedback to them. Operational: Because of sharing information, the processes in business should make customer’s need as first and seamlessly implement.

This avoids multiple times to bother customers and redundant process. Analytical: Analysis helps company maintain a long-term relationship with customers. Several CRM software packages exist that can help companies in deploying CRM activities. Besides choosing one of these packages, companies can also choose to design and build their own solutions. Create a customer-focused culture in the organization. Adopt customer-based managers to assess satisfaction.

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