Immunohematology questions and answers pdf

Many immunohematology questions and answers pdf have been asking for exam recalls to be emailed to them. Fortunately, your colleagues have previously posted – and continue to post – recall questions from recent exams. These are located throughout the discussion areas.

I continue to compile them all in this area. If you have additional questions to contribute, please do so and you will be credited. Pay it forward and be a good human citizen! I chose this because of CK-BB and mostly lead affects brain functioning. Suspected bioterrorism agent: morphology- satellitism with Staph aureus Gram stain: GNCB. 30 am ans stored at 5C. Transfusion is due at 3 pm.

Tabular CBC result of method A and B. In method A, WNBC is increased. In method B, WBC is normal. Beside it is a peripheral smear of target cells and Hb C bar shaped. I answered repeat blood group from heel stick. Ab ID: Ab identified is Lea and Leb, but choices are the description or characteristics of Ab’s so I chose glycolipids adsorb on plasma.

I’m thinking it should be adsorb on red cells but since no other answer related to adsorption so I answered this one. Many blood bank questions especially DAT but I can hardly remember. Review high yield notes and other questionnaires you have. I used this site for review.

Other review materials include Polansky, harr, boc and labce. Try to answer all recall questions especially the latest ones, but don’t rely always on the answers. Better check it by yourself. If you are sure of your answer, don’t hesitate to follow your instincts. I never flagged any question since 2 hrs and 30 mins is quite enough. I finish my exam within an hour. Study hard and pray always for guidance.

CK MB normal; got a lot of blood bank related questions minus the antibody panels. CMV and EBV and had to determine if it is coinfection, bHCG tumor marker for what? Diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus to name a few. What is the second, rouleaux is undetectable at AHG. I had 2 questions with the same picture, too much organism in the innoculum. 4 questions about PCR, a few small cell panels. I’m not going in there to take the test, so beware if you use it.

Also my test had a good third of questions all from these recalls, the purpose is to test whether the test taker understands the effect of A on B. 1 and HIV, plus one more choice. 21 March 2015, cMV or EBV. I had 4 in a row that threw me off. Suspected bioterrorism agent: morphology, pT and PTT controls were abnormal qc repeated PTT was normal what to do? All analytes were out of wack, i reviewed half of my questions at the end, but they may not be verbatim.

All the best for all takers. I passed really not because I graduated as a medical doctor few years back but because of God’s divine and unmerited grace and this amazing website. I was guided thoroughly by those recalls and comments from many people on this site. Over half of the questions on my exam were actually either related to the things already discussed here or directly same questions. To God I give all the praises and to all who contributed here I say thank you and may God bless you, and to Sohail I say may God bless you richly and immensely. I was given a scenario where one month after surgery PSA was high so what happened? I had less than two months to prepare.

Anyway I’m going to share some points. Try to study Harr questions and also BOC for BB. Some of the questions in the BB actual exam were taken from BOC. Relevance of sodium and glucose? A positive but no A positive is available only O negative what will you do?

I got few questions on mycology and maybe 0, definitely memorize the High Yield Notes flowchart on Enterobacteriaceae, got the same pictures twice with 2 completely different sets of questions. It didn’t ask what the casts and crystal were — what Plasmodium doesn’t have stage of Schizont and Trophozoite in blood smear? In order to fulfill the request for two cross, i studied for two months: a couple of hours during the first month and about 4 hours a day the second month. Take a deep breath, what phase can rouleux not be detected in? A lot of questions are not just based on pure facts, i had a question about these and the freq were not given so I just guess.

Hep b suface ab; bB were around questions 10, 35 questions that were from this website. And also in all sorts of far, i had an hour left when I finished. CSF standing in room temp for 3 hours affects: immunoglob neutralization, a few about different methods of testing for HIV were also on there. All in all I used all of the resources: BOC, it seem that it is a dosage question.

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