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The army itself is characterised imperial assault rules pdf being capable of fielding a multitude of lightly armoured infantry in combination with some of the toughest and most powerful tanks in the game. In April 2014 a new codex was released for the 6th Edition of the game, along with a number of new plastic kits. In addition to the new kits and models, the Imperial Guard had a name change to the Astra Militarum in line with Games Workshop’s shift away from generic naming of their intellectual property.

Imperium, and forming the vast bulk of the Imperium’s military machine. Unlike the Space Marines, who are an elite unit that rely upon precision strikes against the enemy’s critical assets to carry the day, the Imperial Guard has the reputation of relying on massed assaults made up of endless waves of infantry and armor to achieve victory, however most imperial commanders are highly trained and skilled career soldiers who know how to use the variety of the Imperium to full effect. If a Space Marine assault is likened to a surgeon`s scalpel, the Imperial Guard assault is likened to a sledgehammer blow” It is this battlefield strategy that has earned the organization the moniker “The Sledgehammer of the Emperor”. It also earns the Guard the reputation as a meatgrinder, whose most infamous or desperate commanders are more than willing to spend their soldiers’ lives for the smallest of gains or in the most suicidal defensive actions. When multiple regiments are grouped up into large fighting forces, they are issued far larger and more powerful assets such as planetary-scale artillery and super-heavy tank regiments from thousands of Munitorum armories, fortresses, and staging worlds, and the preparation for the larger scale Imperial deployments can take centuries of preparation.

This policy was put in place by the Imperium to prevent, or at least minimize, the damage from large scale mutinies in the wake of the Horus Heresy, as no one regiment constitutes a complete self-sufficient fighting force in its own right. However, all guardsmen, from the highest Lord General, to the lowest cook, has the secondary job of being a frontline guardsmen and are expected to know the basics of infantry warfare and the use of the most basic of standard kit. Fortress worlds such as Cadia, where the entire populace is raised under arms from birth, to Feral and Medieval worlds, and the contributions of some planets over the ten thousand years of the Imperium run into the billions of regiments, if not more. The Imperial Guard rely upon the Imperial Navy for transport to and from war zones, orbital bombardment, and most kinds of air support. The Imperium’s naval and ground forces are kept strictly separate such that a mutinous general will not have access to an integrated military machine.

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That was not the case with the pre-Horus Heresy Imperial Army, which had no such strict distinction which resulted in almost the entirety of the Imperial Army joining Horus in the Horus Heresy. Many regiments of the Imperial Guard do not adhere to the standard Cadian style of warfare displayed on the tabletop. Imperial Guard, some regiments from other worlds specialize in other forms of war, a facet they often inherit from the conditions of their home planet. The Catachans hail from a jungle covered ‘death world’, and so use lighter, more mobile transports rather than heavy, cumbersome ones, specializing in jungle combat and hostile environments. Some, most notably the Elysian Drop Troopers and the Harakoni Warhawks, rely on aerial deployment and are experts in vertical envelopment. Others, such as the Tallarn Desert Raiders train their men to fight best in certain climates, and adapt their style of warfare around their chosen specialty. While each regiment has strengths and weaknesses, Imperial Planners often are forced to deploy regiments where they are their most ill suited, Tallarn Desert Raiders on an ice world, Elysian Drop Troopers on an ocean world, Death Korp of Krieg in garrison duty, etc.

Oftentimes Imperial planners cannot even be sure which regiments will arrive to a hotzone, as the fickle nature of the warp means one can arrive tomorrow, or a hundred years later. The codex for the game’s 2nd edition. The first Imperial Guard codex for Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition. Later their name was changed to “Imperial Guard” and then as of 7th edition “Astra Militarum”.

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The Imperial Guard make up the backbone of the Imperium’s armed forces. The Imperial Guard was initially bound by a series of rules, published in the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, relating to its command structure. Units that were separated from the command squad were more limited in action. This was the first time that the army itself had specific army rules collected in their own sourcebook. With the release of the third edition of the game, almost all the Warhammer 40,000 armies eventually had new codices compatible with the new edition. The mini-dex itself provided even more specific rules for fielding one of the more popular Imperial Guard sub-armies, the Catachan Jungle Fighters, for which plastic models were available. This campaign sourcebook contained various rules, including a specific army list for another one of the Imperial Guard’s notable sub-armies, the Cadian Shock Troops.

In the actual in-universe background, the predecessors to the Imperial Guard was the Imperial Army alongside innumerable Imperial Cults and Militias present throughout the Great Crusade, but also more elite forces, such as the Solar Auxilia. However, after the Horus Heresy, the Imperial Army was split into the Imperial Guard and Navy to prevent either force from either having the ability to their gain quick access to transportation or field occupational troops quickly if any of their divisional units turned traitor. 138 models, not counting independent characters, per troops choice. Because they require so many units, an Imperial Guard army can be expensive and time-consuming to assemble and paint. In regards to their weak infantry, when they don’t vastly outnumber the enemy, the guardsmen rely on their unique tanks and fire support. In a later Codex, the Imperial Guard “doctrines” were removed, replaced by the “orders” system. Units designated by the “order” must be in a specific distance radius from either a Platoon Officer or a HQ Officer.

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