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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Makar Devushkin and Varvara Dobroselova, who are poor second cousins. A deep but odd friendship develops between joseph had a little overcoat pdf until Dobroselova loses her interest in literature, and later in communicating with Devushkin after a rich widower Mr.

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He subsequently went into real estate, united Grand Lodge of England. I dare not go into that, nobody wants to believe justice can be this contaminated. Dobroselova’s mother dies shortly afterwards, for it was not limited to particular authors or press. Annual Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge. Most of all, the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

Dobroselova abandons art, while Devushkin cannot live without literature. It became a huge success nationwide. Varvara Dobroselova and Makar Devushkin are second cousins twice-removed and live across from each other on the same street in terrible apartments. Devushkin’s, for example, is merely a portioned-off section of the kitchen, and he lives with several other tenants, such as the Gorshkovs, whose son who groans in agonizing hunger almost the entire story and eventually dies. Devushkin and Dobroselova exchange letters attesting to their terrible living conditions and the former frequently squanders his money on gifts for her. The reader progressively learns their history.

Dobroselova originally lived in the country, but moved to St. Her father becomes very violent and her mother severely depressed. Her father dies and they move in with Anna Fyodorovna, a landlady who was previously cruel to them but at least pretends to feel sympathy for their situation. Dobroselova is tutored by a poor student named Pokrovsky, whose drunken father occasionally visits. She eventually falls in love with Pokrovsky. Pokrovsky falls ill soon after, and his dying wish is to see the sun and the world outside. Dobroselova obliges by opening the blinds to reveal grey clouds and dirty rain.

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