Kaplan nclex study guide pdf

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Preview, download and edit online website and template samples! Instantly become a Web Design expert, editing graphics, coding, and creating joomla templates, drupal themes, wordpress themes, DNN skins, and blogger templates all in minutes, without Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and no technical skills. Artisteer is not affiliated with or endorsed by Joomla! I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to help you be successful with your exam. Are you feeling nervous about your HESI Exit Exam? Are you worried not knowing what topics you’ll be tested on?

Did you already fail the HESI test once or more? Do you need a HESI score of 900 or higher? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, please give me 5 minutes to explain to you the essentials of the HESI Exit Exam, and what methods you should be using to prepare in order to successfully pass your exam. As you probably know, the HESI Exit Exam measures your readiness for the NCLEX examination. To prepare their students, most schools recommend regular NCLEX prep. The HESI exam is a very reliable predictor of NCLEX success. Research shows that if you can pass the HESI Exit, you are extremely likely to pass the NCLEX.

And some schools have even taken this practice to the next level. Those schools only allow students that pass the HESI Exit to take the NCLEX. They receive an artificially inflated NCLEX pass rate by doing so, which in turn will attract new students to the school. And practically all states have a Nursing Commission that requires nursing programs to maintain an 80 percent pass rate. Therefore, it’s only logical and normal that nursing schools do everything in their power to increase their first time pass rates. And the HESI Exit is one of the tools to accomplish this.

Often, these students are forced to bear remediation costs, sometimes even another full year in study costs. If that’s you – please take a deep breath. You see – the HESI Exit Exam does NOT define you. It does NOT define how good of a nurse you will be. It does NOT define how caring and kind you are. It does NOT define how hard working or disciplined you are. But, although it doesn’t define you If you’re reading this, it does mean you’ll have to pass the test.

It might even be a prerequisite to graduate. When I personally had to study for the HESI exam, I found many contradicting stories both online and in real life. I had successfully completed their entire academic program! They essentially denied me the opportunity to graduate unless I passed the HESI Exit Exam. As you can understand, I studied very hard for my HESI RN Exit Exam. I used the HESI Study Book, with case studies, directly from Evolve, Elsevier. I used the Saunders Comprehensive Review Book, the Hurst Review Online and a few other resources.

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