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Her body hangs over her bed, and her blood is splattered all over her apartment. He also sees two classified ads for anonymous sexual encounters. When he returns home, his 8-year-old daughter wakes up and begs him for a story. Making shapely fiction pdf launches into a profane description of one of his cases, much to the girl’s delight.

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His wife orders him to stop, and they have an argument over the inappropriateness of his stories. Hopkins asks Dutch to stay at the scene and file the paperwork so that he can take the suspect’s voluptuous girlfriend home and have sex with her. Pratt is a washed-out actress who sells drugs and works as an escort to get by. She also hosts swinger parties, and the victim was planning on attending one of the parties to research a book. Back at the station, Hopkins opens a letter that was sent to the victim. It is a poem written in blood, which refers to “all the rest”, making Hopkins think he is hunting a serial killer.

He asks Dutch to get him all the files for unsolved murders of single women in the past 15 years. When he returns home, he finds a note from his wife explaining that she has taken their daughter and left. Pratt phones Hopkins, and he goes over to her place to have sex. June 10 a year apart on his beat.

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Hopkins goes to Haines’ apartment and discovers a wiretap which has captured Haines dealing drugs. She reveals to Hopkins that an anonymous suitor has sent her flowers and a poem every year. Looking through her old yearbook, Hopkins is stunned to find a picture of Whitey and a male prostitute nicknamed Birdman whose name was mentioned on the surveillance tapes made at Whitey’s apartment. Hopkins returns to Whitey’s apartment and surprises him as he comes home, carrying Birdman’s police file.

Whitey claims Birdman is his snitch, but Hopkins knows that Whitey was running drugs and male prostitutes through Birdman. Whitey offers information on police corruption to get off the hook. Then, he tries to surprise Hopkins with a shotgun, but Hopkins kills him. Dutch tells Hopkins to lay low while the mess he has created is sorted out. Pratt invites Hopkins over for sex, but when he gets there, she has been murdered and placed on the stove in the position that she last had sex with Hopkins. They are interrupted by their superior who suspends Hopkins.

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