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Further documentation is available here. Legislation as an Instrument in South African Heritage Management: Is It Mandate for leadership heritage foundation pdf? Heritage management and cultural legislation have always existed in the African continent, even before the days of written laws.

Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. As part of EY’s Women in Leadership series, we speak to some of Australia’s successful and inspirational business women who have made a difference in their chosen fields and in their communities. We hope you enjoy their stories. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I grew up in New Zealand, and attended Victoria University in Wellington where I studied Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science and a Bachelor of Commerce, in Economics and Public Policy.

I went to University to study what I enjoyed and what I thought would challenge me. After graduation I joined EY in the Wellington Advisory team, working mainly in the Government sector. Recently, I moved to Auckland to become COO and Partner at The Aera Foundation. I enjoy traveling, new experiences and living outside my comfort zone. What was you impetus to change roles at this stage in your career and what did you wish to accomplish? Joining The Aera Foundation was an exciting opportunity. EY was a great place to learn and develop essential foundation skills, and to explore what areas I was interested in.

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However, I was looking for a new challenge, and the Aera Foundation provided just that. My role at the Aera Foundation provides me with a really unique opportunity to achieve this. At the Aera Foundation I have been given an opportunity to work creatively on a range of issues. We are incubating and advancing groundbreaking models of talent, philanthropy and entrepreneurship that fuse social, environmental and financial outcomes.

If we succeed, we will have a really positive impact that I will be proud of. Is the idea of purpose in your career and making a positive impact important to you? It is extremely important to me and increasingly it is becoming important to a lot of people – and not just my generation. People want to work for companies that have a purpose beyond profit. They are looking to work for companies that are having a positive impact in the communities where they work in and live, and it is important for companies to realise this trend and start changing. Can you describe the level of flexibility that you have in your work and having the mandate to do what it takes to get the result you are after? When I joined The Aera Foundation it was a new work approach for me, especially coming from the structured work environment at EY.

It is a much more personalised approach to work. We were able to design our roles, our responsibilities, and the hours we work. I believe we need to disrupt the old model of work. A 9-5 work day, 5 days a week is an arbitrary constraint and is not the most productive way of achieving outcomes. The way that we work is more about working in an environment that is conducive for productivity and creativity.

If you are not being effective, stop take time to do something else – go to a museum or for a walk- rather than continuing working and being unproductive. It is the end product that matters, and you do your best work if you have the freedom to switch on and off. What has your experience regarding gender equity in the workplace? I have had really good experiences in terms of being treated fairly and as an equal by both male and female colleagues and bosses. The problem with gender equity is what I see rather than what I experience. When I go to meetings, how many woman are at the table? When I go to awards ceremonies, who is being recognised for their work?

The answer is that on the whole, there are very few women, and even fewer young women. The question needs to be asked: why are there not more women sitting around the table and having their contributions recognised? Ultimately, the current corporate workplace structure results in systemic gender discrimination. Rather than making an example of women who succeed in the corporate workplace as successes in gender equity, we need to change the underling structures. What do you think organisations can do to level the playing field for both men and women? Organisations will have to rethink the notion of the linear career path. It is an outdated approach that does not fit with our current lifestyles, and people are increasingly attracted to a non-linear career path.

Linear career paths are about a workforce that doesn’t take extended breaks, and where career progression means a straight line to the top. It doesn’t take into consideration that people often want to or have to take pauses in their careers. As soon as anyone takes a pause in their careers, it seems that their opportunities become limited. A critical issue for women is the possibility to be a mother and the ability to participate fully in the workforce. Due to the linear career path, I believe this is leading to a lot of women opting out of professional services or large corporations before the choice is forced upon them or they are not re-entering because they feel like they have lost their opportunity. How important are female role models? Female role models are extremely important.

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