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The round brackets indicate optional constituents. Phrase structure rules phrase structure rules pdf sentences down into their constituent parts. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.

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A constituent is any word or combination of words that is dominated by a single node. Thus each individual word is a constituent. These transformations are not strictly required for generation, as the sentences they produce could be generated by a suitably expanded system of phrase structure rules alone, but transformations provide greater economy and enable significant relations between sentences to be reflected in the grammar. An important aspect of phrase structure rules is that they view sentence structure from the top down.

The category on the left of the arrow is a greater constituent and the immediate constituents to the right of the arrow are lesser constituents. Constituents are successively broken down into their parts as one moves down a list of phrase structure rules for a given sentence. This top-down view of sentence structure stands in contrast to much work done in modern theoretical syntax. What this means is that for phrase structure rules to be applicable at all, one has to pursue a constituency-based understanding of sentence structure. The constituency relation is a one-to-one-or-more correspondence.

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For every word in a sentence, there is at least one node in the syntactic structure that corresponds to that word. Phrase structure rules: Constituency vs. The constituency tree on the left could be generated by phrase structure rules. The sentence S is broken down into smaller and smaller constituent parts.

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