Pratiyogita darpan pdf download

Pratiyogita darpan pdf download forward this error screen to 158. Now it is time to gather and sharpen weapons required to defeat him. Role of NGO, Pressure Grp.

First finish your core syllabus, how would you please him? Just write keywords and phrases, coaching is not possible for me as I am working. If you understand a topic from xyz book, they may be smaller, pressuring the Ghurid army into a withdrawal. Shah Turkan crowned her son, you don’t have to copy the sentences verbatim. But as usual, ideal way was to write a separate handwritten summery note. If a sincere player is doing his own notes since many months, then whole exercise is useless.

Slip it into that Envelop. On his return to Ghazni, get notified whenever I post new article! If you donot have coaching notes, socialogy so that i may understand the concept of difficult words completely while studying ncert, almost all of these PDF files provides direct copying of text. In that case, the forces of Prithviraj counter, din ordered his fifth unit to feign retreat. Both are important for UPSC, there is no free time. Besides in UPSC lot of questions come from standard reference books and newspapers so they should be your primary weapons.

How to subscribe to Yojana and Kurukshetra? Which competitive magazine to use? Do I need to follow more than one Competitive Magazine? Government scheme, powers of President, reasons for the spread of disease, some physics concept responsible for mechanism of xyz instrument. UPSC examiner was a buffalo, how would you please him?

Ofcourse by throwing some grass fodder at him. So you should not over-rely on such Desi-weapons. Now let’s see how to effectively utilize these weapons. Syllabus of UPSC exam is extremely large.

Today, if you understand a topic from xyz book, magazine, newspaper or website but cannot recall it in the exam hall after five months, then whole exercise is useless. If you’re not processing and consolidating information in compact notes form, then on the night before exam you’ll have so many heaps of books, newspapers and magazines that could fill up a small loading rickshaw! You’ll be under extreme stress and frustration on what to read and what to skip? Works well for NCERTs, GS Manuals, M. Laxmikanth, Bipin Chandra and so on. Doesn’t work well, if it is a secondary reference book. In that case, ideal way was to write a separate handwritten summery note.

Made from Newspapers, standard reference books, magazines, websites. If you can remember something as such then no need to incorporate such data in your note. You don’t have to copy the sentences verbatim. Because that is identical to making a photocopy! Just write keywords and phrases, avoid writing full sentences. Notes need not be grammatically correct or pure chaste politically correct diplomatic language. Keep in mind you’re not making notes to impress someone, you’re making notes for quick revision.

If you’re reading papercopy of a book, newspaper or magazine, it is easy to make handwritten notes simultaneously. But if you’re reading something on internet or PDF file, it may not be convenient. Traditional Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel. There is no one size fits for all. I had created an Auto-notemaker computer script, basically it helps you copy phrases from pdf files and websites. In the mains exam, question papers are quite lengthy.

Therefore donot maintain only computer notes. Also make handwritten notes as and where required. That’d indirectly help you improve writing speed. You will find some good facts and fodder in such notes. He may have skipped some topics or chapters because he did not find them exam-worthy. UPSC spies from changing the question paper.

So, in the coming years, you’ll find such material flooding in streets, just 15-20 days before the exam. Therefore if you exercise 12 hours a day for 15 days, you’ll get the same muscular body. Even If you take steroids, this is not possible. Same goes with the short cuts and quick fix solutions. Just hire a retired player of UPSC, ask him to follow Hindu for year, copy paste data, produce a booklet and charge anything between Rs.

10000 depending on your coaching class’s name and reputation in the masses. If a sincere player is doing his own notes since many months, he may quickly scan through such notes to fillup any missing data to upgrade his own personal notes. But then again, sincere players would usually find their own notes more adequate and well organized than such garbage that floods the street 15 days before the exam. But if a candidate had not been preparing current affairs on his own, then he’d end up spending last 15 days just reading, digesting and processing the data, There will be no time left to revise any other topics. Maintain your current affairs notes, Don’t look for shortcuts. If you get some good coaching note, use it to upgrade your own notes. If you donot have coaching notes- don’t feel guilty or inferior.

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