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40th overall episode of the series. United States on July 25, 2010. The agency partners are concerned about the narrow breadth of their client base, which is not helped by Don coming across as less than sympathetic in an interview with a trade magazine. Don encounters problems in his romantic life. Weiner expressed displeasure with what he considered a media revelation of plot details, though other journalists called his objections unwarranted.

Public Relations” was critically acclaimed by television critics, who expressed that the series returned to form. Upon airing, the episode was viewed by 2. 92 million viewers and attained a 0. Ho Ho”, fires the agency because Draper did not mention the client in his interview.

Because of the agency’s narrow client base, the loss is financially detrimental. She hires two actresses to fight over a ham in a grocery store. The plan goes awry when the fight turns real and one of the women presses charges against the other for assault, and Peggy has to ask Don for bail and hush money. Peggy points out that they did retain the account. Also new part-time member of the creative team has been added: Joey, who Peggy has a friendly relationship with.

Roger sets him up on a date with Bethany, a friend of his wife Jane, who is a petite blonde, like Betty. Don again, but rejects his sexual advances. The childish action blows up into a scene when Betty yells at Sally, treats her brusquely, and causes problems by forcing food into Sally’s mouth. Henry’s mother later privately expresses displeasure with her son’s new wife, observing that her children are clearly scared of her. However, in bed, Henry and Betty get along.

The next day, Don picks up his two oldest children for an overnight visit, and Don is disappointed he can’t see baby Gene, whom Betty sent to Carla’s. Betty curtly tells Don to have the kids back by 9. When he returns the next evening, the house is empty and he has to wait for Betty and Henry to come back. Don, at his lawyer’s instigation, angrily reminds them they were supposed to be out a month ago, and he demands they either buy him out, pay him rent, or leave. A minor argument later sparks between Henry and Betty when Henry agrees with Don’s point. Betty stubbornly reiterates that they will leave on her timeline, not Don’s. Don Draper tries to sell a pitch wherein the model’s breasts are obscured by the slogan, “So well built, we can’t show you the second floor”.

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