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This article is about the musical instrument. Resonators shona dictionary pdf download underneath the bars amplify their sound.

Contemporary composers have used the unique sound of the marimba more and more in recent years. Xylophones are widely used in music of west and central Africa. Akan peoples in and around Ghana. The word marimba and derivative words is used widely in East, Central and Southern Africa. Queen Marimba of the Wakambi people, who live south of Lake Victoria. Marimba, is said to be the “mother of song” and the creator of all the instruments, including the marimba.

Mama means mother in Kiswahili, so it makes perfect sense that the word mother would be combined with the word “imba” which is the unconjugated verb for ‘sing’. The karimba is also said to have been created by Queen Marimba. Central Africa the karimba is seen as a hand-held version of the marimba. Diatonic xylophones were introduced to Central America in the 16th or 17th century. It became more widespread during the 18th and 19th centuries, as Mayan and Ladino ensembles started using it on festivals. In 1821, the marimba was proclaimed the national instrument of Guatemala in its independence proclamation.

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