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Unsourced material may be challenged the backyard astronomer’s guide pdf removed. The sleeping giant NGC 4889.

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Coma B, NGC 4884, UGC 8110, MCG 5-31-77, PGC 44715, ZWG 160. NGC 4889 has no visible dust lanes or spiral arms and has a smooth, featureless, egg-shaped profile that diminishes in luminosity with distance from the center. As with other similar elliptical galaxies, only a fraction of the mass of NGC 4889 is in the form of stars. They have a flattened, unequal distribution that bulges within its edge. NGC 4889 is also a strong source of soft X-ray, ultraviolet, and radio frequency radiation. Wide-field image of the Coma Cluster. NGC 4889 is the bright galaxy to the left.

HD 112887 which is a foreground star and is completely unrelated to the cluster. He included the objects catalogued by his father, including the one later to be called NGC 4889, plus others he found that were somehow missed by his father. IC Project, Revised New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars, and the NGC 2000. 0 projects, discovered the duplication. It was then decided that the object would be called by its latter designation, NGC 4889, which is in use today.

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109 persistent, bright objects that were somehow missed by Messier in his catalogue. With an apparent magnitude of 11. 4, it can be seen by telescopes with 12 inch aperture, but its visibility is greatly affected by light pollution due to glare of the light from Beta Comae Berenices. However, under very dark, moonless skies, it can be seen by small telescopes as a faint smudge, but larger telescopes are needed in order to see the galaxy’s halo. 1959, NGC 4889 is classified as an E4 type galaxy, which means it has a flat distribution of stars within its width. 1958 for galaxies with an elliptical-shaped nucleus surrounded by an immense, diffuse, dustless, extended halo. With the redshift of 0.

The galaxy has an effective radius which extends at 2. In addition it has an immense diffuse light halo extending to 17. 3 million light years in diameter. As for its large size, NGC 4889 may also be extremely massive.

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