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23 November to 7 December 2002. Set in 1870’s England, the story revolves around the overlapping narratives the confident confidant book pdf two central characters.

She dazzles her neighbours with her beauty and accomplishments and is confident that she will marry a rich man. Gwendolen is not in love with him, she intends to accept. Grandcourt’s mistress and presents three children she claims are his offspring. She tells Gwendolen that she left her husband for Grandcourt and begs Gwendolen not to marry him because it will ruin her children’s prospects as his heirs. Horrified by this revelation, Gwendolen promises not to marry Grandcourt and accepts an invitation to travel to Germany with some friends to avoid him.

In Germany, Gwendolen captures the attention of Daniel Deronda, making extravagant wagers in a casino. When she returns to her room, she finds a telegram from her mother, informing her that the family is now bankrupt, thanks to bad investments. With no money for the journey home, she pawns a valuable necklace but it is returned to her before she leaves. She realizes the person is Deronda. Once back in England, Gwendolen is desperate to improve her family’s circumstances. When Grandcourt arrives, proposing marriage and offering to support her family, she reluctantly accepts.

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He takes her to the home of some friends to recover and learns that she is a Jewish singer named Mirah Lapidoth who had run away from her father, and in despair, tried to commit suicide. As she recovers, Deronda becomes more interested in her and the Jewish faith. After Gwendolen’s marriage, the once docile Grandcourt turns into a controlling and abusive brute intent on crushing Gwendolen’s spirit. He openly flouts the second family he is maintaining. Gwendolen meets Deronda again and the two become friends and Deronda becomes Gwendolen’s confidant. Simultaneously he is focused on improving Mirah’s circumstances, using his position to promote her as a singer, despite anti-semitic prejudice prevalent in society.

Grandcourt senses the connection between his wife and Deronda and forces Gwendolen to take a Mediterranean cruise with him. Knowing Deronda will be there as well, Gwendolen has them stop in Genoa. Daniel meets his mother, discovering she is a famous Jewish singer. She gave Daniel to one of her admirers, Sir Hugo, so that he could be raised as an English gentleman and not as a Jew. She confesses that she is dying and wished to see him one last time. Daniel is elated to discover he is a Jew and tells his mother that it is not something he could ever be ashamed of.

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Returning from this encounter, Daniel sees a woman being pulled from the sea and realizes it is Gwendolen. Grandcourt drowned when he was knocked off their sailboat, and Gwendolen was rescued after jumping in after him with a rope. However, alone with Deronda in her hotel room, Gwendolen confesses that when Grandcourt went into the water she hesitated to throw the rope, prepared to let him drown. Eventually she jumped in, but it was too late. Deronda comforts her and tells her that it does not make her a bad person, and she declares that she wants to be with him. However, Daniel cannot deny his love for Mirah and Sir Hugo reluctantly gives his blessing. He meets Gwendolen, who has returned to live with her family, to tell her the news.

Although disappointed, she gives him her best wishes and declares that because of knowing him, she will be a better person in life. Daniel and Mirah marry and sail away. Louis Marks originally wanted to make a film adaptation of the novel but abandoned the project after a lengthy and fruitless casting process. The drama took a further five years to make it to television screens. Filming ran for 11 weeks from May to August on locations in England, Scotland and Malta. The serial was Marks’ final television production before his death in 2010. Retrieved on 17 October 2010.

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