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The method employs mechanical stress waves that propagate along an elongated structure while guided by its boundaries. This allows the waves to travel ultrasonic testing standards pdf long distance with little loss in energy.

In some cases, hundreds of meters can be inspected from a single location. Higher frequencies can be used in some cases, but detection range is significantly reduced. In addition, the underlying physics of guided waves is more complex than bulk waves. In this article, the practical aspect of GWT will be discussed.

The study of guided waves propagating in a structure can be traced back to as early as the 1920s, mainly inspired by the field of seismology. Since then, there has been an increased effort on the analytical study of guided wave propagation in cylindrical structures. Today, GWT is applied as an integrated health monitoring program in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Mechanical stress wave is generated via transducer array mounted around the pipe surface. The electrical signal is driven by the portable electronic unit. After the collection, the result is displayed on the computer for further analysis. The green band indicates the position of the transducer array.

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Unlike conventional ultrasonics, there are an infinite number of guided wave modes that exist for a pipe geometry, and they can be generally grouped into three families, namely the torsional, longitudinal and flexural modes. The acoustic properties of these wave modes are a function of the pipe geometry, the material and the frequency. In Guided Wave Testing of pipelines, an array of low frequency transducers is attached around the circumference of the pipe to generate an axially symmetric wave that propagates along the pipe in both the forward and backward directions of the transducer array. The Torsional wave mode is most commonly used, although there is limited use of the longitudinal mode.

The equipment operates in a pulse-echo configuration where the array of transducers is used for both the excitation and detection of the signals. At a location where there is a change of cross-section or a change in local stiffness of the pipe, an echo is generated. Based on the arrival time of the echoes, and the predicted speed of the wave mode at a particular frequency, the distance of a feature in relation to the position of the transducer array can be accurately calculated. The DACs are usually calibrated against a series of echoes with known signal amplitude such as weld echoes.

Once the DAC levels are set, the signal amplitude correlates well to the CSC of a defect. GWT does not measure the remaining wall thickness directly, but it is possible to group the defect severity in several categories. One method of doing this is to exploit the mode conversion phenomenon of the excitation signal where some energy of the axially symmetric wave mode is converted to the flexural modes at a pipe feature. The amount of mode conversion provides an accurate estimate of the circumferential extent of the defect, and together with the CSC, operators could establish the severity category. A typical result of GWT is displayed in an A-scan style with the reflection amplitude against the distance from the transducer array position. In the past few years, some advanced systems have started to offer C-scan type results where the orientation of each feature can be easily interpreted. This has shown to be extremely useful when inspecting large size pipelines.

As well as incorporating C-scan type results, active focusing capacity can also be achieved by GWT utilising flexural wave modes. Flexural wave modes have sinusoidal variation in their displacement pattern around the circumference, in integer values ranging from 1 to Infinity. Active focusing involves the transmission of multiple flexural wave modes, with time and amplitude corrections applied, in such a way that a circumferential node from each wave mode will arrive at the target position at the same time, the same circumferential position and with the same phase, causing constructive interference. At other circumferential positions the circumferential nodes of the flexural wave modes will arrive out of phase with each other and will interfere destructively. Adjusting the excitation conditions can rotate this focal spot around the pipes circumference. Comparing the response from different circumferential positions can allow the operator to more accurately predict the circumferential position and extent of a defect. The active focusing technique gives information on the circumferential distribution of metal loss defects.

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This harmonic resonance is performed at a carefully calibrated frequency; the DACs are usually calibrated against a series of echoes with known signal amplitude such as weld echoes. Ultrasonic inspection eliminates the use of ionizing radiation, interpretation of data is highly operator dependent. Which are primarily used in the production of mechanical components; giving you valuable real, just outstanding image qualityin an incredibly rugged and portable package. An ultrasonic test of a joint can identify the existence of flaws, qualitest offers the most competitive line of Universal Testing Machine range in the industry. These machines allow companies to determine whether materials will retain their utility when stretched and crushed, while the productivity is increased by a predictable “scale, inspection may be manual or automated and is an essential part of modern manufacturing processes. Titan E ControlA user, why Do Dogs Like Balls?

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